Virtual reality and augmented reality, technology and innovation at the service of wine

Grandes Vinos has always been known for its relentless pursuit of innovation, a reputation further enforced since 2015 by the company’s commitment to virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

Pioneers in a fairly traditional sector, Grandes Vinos is a step ahead of most wineries in terms of virtual hyper-experiences.

Thanks to our partnership with Deusens, an agency that specializes in creating interactive tech solutions that combine development and creativity, we have successfully stepped into the world of virtual and augmented reality as a way to continue surprising customers and consumers. It is a field that offers infinite possibilities, one that we are convinced has a great future ahead, and we want to be an active part of it.

Our first foray into this world was back when few people knew what virtual reality was: using special equipment to experience a computer-generated simulation that creates a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way.

Grandes Vinos created an experience that let users take a thrilling virtual ride through our wineries and vineyards; some were so immersed in the experience that they reflexively gripped their chairs during parts of the ride. It was a popular attraction at the numerous trade fairs where it was presented.

Other augmented reality hyper-experiences have been created since then, like the one we developed for our El Circo wine. This technology makes it possible to combine 3D models and real images captured with a smartphone or tablet to enhance the user’s reality.

Users can use their phone camera to focus on the wine bottle and see circus tent and different artists performing a spectacle of stunts, tricks and juggling acts appear on the screen.

Another brand that we’ve partnered with to create spectacular augmented reality experiences is Beso de Vino; in these experiences, the brand’s mascot “Antonio” has different interactions with users, from picking grapes and skydiving to celebrating the 25th anniversary of Real Zaragoza’s Recopa win; Beso de Vino sponsors the team.

All these hyper-experiences and the ones we will develop in the future can be enjoyed on our app.

Discover Grandes Vinos’ history with virtual reality and augmented reality in this video.



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