Viticultor de Grandes Vinos en Cariñena

Our winegrowers

The stars of the show

Our winegrowers are the real protagonists proving that the legacy of Cariñena lives on today and the dedication to wine and the vineyards has been passed down from generation to generation.

These deep wine producing roots translate into a unique know-how, a knowledge of the land, the vines, the harvests and the grapes that is enhanced today with strategic technical support and with technological innovation in pursuit of a sustainable crop, not only to preserve the legacy but also to pass it on to future generations.

For our protagonists vine growing is a passion and a way of life, and with their union they are the main asset of Grandes Vinos.

More than 700 families transmit, through their daily work, the legacy passed down from their predecessors, generation after generation, which feeds their passion for the vineyard.

So are some of our wine growers

José María Valero, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. His passion for the vineyard comes from childhood, when he started doing his first jobs. A passion that keeps intact like the first day.

Marcelo Ruesca, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. Take the Legacy of Cariñena in his DNA. His father was already a winegrower and father of his father, too. Now, their children grow up to take over. Generation after generation.

Anuska Ramiro, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. Her desire to return to the village started her in the world of the vineyard and now she combines work with studies to continue for a long time doing what she likes.

Javier Cristobal, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. He started very young in the vineyard with his grandfather, then with his father and now he is proud of his son. Generation after generation, the Cariñena Legacy continues.

César Baguena, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. His great-grandfather was already working in the vineyard and he remembers in a very special way the stories that his grandfather told him when he was little. Now the story continues and who knows if her children will follow her.

José Arnal Gómez, wine grower of Grandes Vinos. He has lived all his life in the vineyard, where he started with his father. Now he works with care the vineyard that he planted 36 years ago, while waiting for his son to take over.

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