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Our commitment

Faithfulness to our legacy always looking to the future

Committed to the territory

Preserving the legacy of Cariñena is a commitment that comes from the land itself. That’s why at Grandes Vinos we carry out a comprehensive vineyard selection programme to identify the best plots, to which a personalised winegrowing process is applied.

Close-up of a Cariñena vine with immature grapes
Close-up of a Cariñena vine with immature grapes

We have eliminated the use of insecticides in the cultivation of the vines, and we only use clean, environmentally friendly treatments for moth control, among which the use of pheromones stands out. All of this is aimed at obtaining a healthier, better quality grape that arrives at the winery in perfect conditions for correct processing.

Committed to society

Cultural sponsorship and an active corporate social responsibility programme are the two main cornerstones on which Grandes Vinos bases its commitment to society, that is developed in these areas:


Grandes Vinos has a collaboration agreement with the Universidad San Jorge of Zaragoza for the “joint implementation of projects aimed at students, training activities, advice and research or any other type that may be considered”, as well as forging closer ties with the consumers of the future, with whom we want to share the culture of wine.


Grandes Vinos also works in solidarity with the needs of its surroundings in the cultural sphere and actively participates in different sponsorships and collaborations, especially in the world of cinema, where it is the Official Winery of the 5 most important film festivals of the Autonomous Community: Zaragoza, Fuentes de Ebro, La Almunia, Calanda and Uncastillo.


Grandes Vinos maintains a special collaboration with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Zaragoza supporting its adapted Vocational Training programmes, through which occupational coaches are hired to help companies adapt jobs to the needs of people with intelectual disabilities.

Aware of the importance of giving back to society a large part of what it gives us, we are proud to collaborate with social and cultural solidarity projects.

Parallel to this agreement, in 2007 a joint project called “Vino Solidario” (Solidarity Wine), was designed, in which all the profits from its sales are used for different programmes of the Foundation; to date the Winery has donated € 123,668.71.

Vino solidario from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Zaragoza
Vino solidario from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Zaragoza

Grandes Vinos is proud to have received public recognition “for its professional work promoting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities” from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Zaragoza, during its 2nd Business Gala. It was a real boost for us that encourages us to keep working along the same lines.

In 2015 we have also received the Sello Solidar (Solidar Seal), awarded by the association of the same name, in recognition of our involvement with Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2018 we received the Aragón Corporate Social Responsibility Seal RSA seal from the Government of Aragon revalidated in 2024, here you can see the new Declaration of Commitment and the fifth edition of our Social Responsibility Report already validated.  A great encouragement for us!

Committed to the environment

Grandes Vinos develops its winemaking and marketing activities through an integrated management system (see our Management policy) that covers relevant aspects such as quality, the environment and food safety.
The winery holds the following certificates: ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, International Food Standard IFS and British Retail Consortium BRC, as well as the EcoProwine label that confirms our commitment to the environment.

Beyond the certificates, Grandes Vinos is committed to the maximum protection of the environment through its strategy.

The environmental intelligence applied to precision agriculture, the optimisation of vineyard irrigation, the integral waste management system and the use of a solar field at the winery to reduce energy consumption in the production process and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, place us at the forefront on this issues compared to other companies of the sector.

Our latest projects continue along the same line of reducing the environmental impact in the vineyards using “sexual confusion” techniques with pheromones as a way of dealing with the grapevine moth.

Detalle tratamiento de la cepa con feromonas
All the Grandes Vinos vines use “sexual confusion” techniques with pheromones as a way of dealing with the grapevine moth.

Also, in collaboration with our suppliers, we use lighter bottles and cartons that are 100% recycles and that use environmentally friendly inks.
We are currently in the process of quantifying our corporate carbon footprint using the international GHG PROTOCOL, and we are also working to obtain pellets from the stalks produced in the harvest for energy production.

Committed to innovation

With its reference values of creativity and innovation, Grandes Vinos has its own innovation management system and a specialised committee that channels it. We are also part of the leading Technological Platform in the Spanish wine sector, PTV.


Innovation, a pioneer in the wine sector, focuses on three main areas:

  • New products, packaging, sales and marketing methods:
    • incorporation of augmented reality into label design
    • virtual reality experience as a means of communication
    • Design and development of an own APP as a digital communication tool
Product innovation with the Iglup range
Product innovation with the Iglup range
  • Field:
    • Grapevine moth control using the technique of sexual confusion, with the aim of eliminating the use of insecticides and, therefore, their contamination in the environment and, at the same time, improving the quality and health of the vineyard, without pests or diseases.
    • Development of a non-invasive ultrasonic system for in the field characterisation of the vine’s level of water to optimise irrigation, which enables the user to check the hydric stress of the vine and, therefore, to irrigate only when necessary, thereby improving the quality of the wine and reducing water consumption as its two main benefits.
    • Clonal selection from Cariñena in Cariñena for the qualitative improvement and resistance to diseases provided by the selection of clones of the Cariñena variety adapted to the cultivation conditions of the Cariñena PDO to produce wines of high oenological quality and with less susceptibility to oidium, with the main objective of revaluing this variety. This shows the winery’s clear commitment to the native varieties, especially the Cariñena, which has been used to produce high quality monovarietal wines for years.
Detalle de tecnología de embotellado
The bottling process uses the most advanced technology
  • Winery:
    • Modern technological Bottling line and Bag in box automatic packaging line.
    • Self-production of energy from the pellets.
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