Detalle de una cepa de Cariñena

A history of union

The legacy of Cariñena

To speak of Grandes Vinos is to speak of a unique land, of tradition, of sunshine, of rain, of effort and dedication… but most of all, it is to speak of passion. Passion for wine and everything that surrounds it. A passion that unites us to enjoy and share the best moments of our lives.

More than half a century ago, between 1950 and 1967, winegrowers from different municipalities of the district of Cariñena formed the cooperatives Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Villanueva de Huerva, San Roque de Alfamén, San José de Aguarón and San Bernabé de Cosuenda, as well as the Sociedad Agraria de Transformación de Cariñena, which were the beginnings of Grandes Vinos in 1997.

Behind each bottle there is a dream that has come true thanks to the union of the more than 700 families of winegrowers that make up Grandes Vinos. Sharing their hard work and know-how, to create wines that combine tradition and innovation, and have no borders.

Antiguas cooperativas de Cariñena
To bring the exciting wine legacy of Cariñena to all four corners of the world; this is the common goal that led to Grandes Vinos being set up in 1997 from the union of 700 winegrowers.

Cariñena is the only land in the world that gives its name to a variety of grape. A territory that treasures old vineyards at different altitudes, soil with ancient stones and a strong wind, el cierzo, that gives personality to the wine.

The laborious effort of working the land is rewarded with the pleasure of sharing the essence of a unique territory that we invite you to discover.

That’s how we feel the legacy of Cariñena and the passion for the wine, to be savoured, sip by sip, at every table and anywhere in the world.

Familias de viticultores de Cariñena
José and Miguel Arnal. Father and son in a Garnacha vineyard in Cosuenda
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