Recipe of Patamula cheese “coca”

Enjoy this recipe of chef Iván Puyuelo Ferrer with our El Circo. Director. Garnacha & Cariñena Special Selection 2016

Patamula cheese “coca” with grilled “madejas”

Author: Iván Puyuelo Ferrer


  • For the Empeltre pastry:
  • 150 ml. of water
  • 125 ml. of extra virgin olive oil
  • flour
  • 1 table spoon of sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 240 g. of Empeltre olives chopped in blender
  • For the Patamulo cheese:
  • 150 g. of Patamulo cheese (semi-curedsheep cheese).
  • 50 ml. of chicken broth
  • For the “madejas”:
  • 1/2 Kg. of ternasco de Aragón intestines (young lamb)
  • tenero de Aragón mesentery (young lamb)
  • fresh spring garlic
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/2 spring onion
  • 40-50 ml. of brandy
  • 125 ml. of white wine
  • black peppercorns
  • parsley
  • bay leaf
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


  • For the Empeltre pastry: Make the pastry by mixing together all the ingredients and adding the flour until obtaining a uniform texture. Place between two sheets of waxed paper to roll out the pastry with a rolling pin and shape into a rectangle more or less 5 mm. thick. Bake at 180 Cº for approximately 35 minutes.
  • For the Patamulo cheese: Melt the cheese in the broth, blend in food processor and leave to chill.
  • For the “madejas”: Clean the lamb intestine thoroughly. Place the intestines into a large pot with boiling water along with the black peppercorns, diced onion, garlic clove, bay leaf, brandy, and the white wine. Once it has been cooked, strain and leave to dry for an hour.
  • Roll the thin intestine around the mesentery together with a couple of spring garlics about 10 centimeters in length. Tuck in the ends so that they stay tied. Once various “madejas” are assembled, place in boiling water to cook them. Once cooked, place in the refrigerator so that they become firm. Once firm, cut into slices 3 mm. thick. Fry them on a hot grill, so they obtain a crunchy texture.
  • Cut the sponge cake into 3 cm. x 15 cm. rectangles, approximately. Make 4 cheese quenelles and place atop each on a round slice of “madeja”.

Iván Puyuelo Ferrer

He was born and raised in the restaurant La Matilde, literally. Ivan Puyuelo is the third generation of cooks in his family and his birth coincided with a change in the family business. The restaurant went from being a “house of homemade meals” to becoming a wellknown and a noteworthy restaurant of the new gastronomic scene in Zaragoza.

He combined his studying in the Escuela de Hostelería de Miralbueno with several periods working in Barcelona and France. The best chefs have been guest chef in his restaurant and he has been the guest chef in the restaurants of these same chefs.

The recipe of Patamula cheese “coca” as well as the Chef bio is an extract of the Golden Book of the Aragonese Cuisine first edition, an International Gourmand World Cookbook Award as the best book in Spanish in the “Local Cuisine” category.

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