New “Grandes Vinos” App

Our latest release this time has not been any wine, but the new "Grandes Vinos" App that is already available, free of charge, on the GOOGLE Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. That mobile and app world will become, if not already, the center of marketing is already considered as the number 1 trend that will lead the future of this area, by different specialized magazines, including FORBES (Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing), where companies, large and small, should be able to generate applications that bring value to the consumer and with who they are able to create Communities in the medium and long term.

Within this trend, three "experiences" in full growth are identified by different experts and offer unique opportunities to connect with consumers: virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 ° videos and photos. In Grandes Vinos we already launched our first experiences of Augmented Reality in 2014 and Virtual Reality in 2015, being pioneers in both cases in the wine sector and with an already more mature market is now presented the new App "Grandes Vinos" to group in a single application all this innovative digital content.

The Grandes Vinos App is structured in 5 main menus:

HOME, where you can see a gallery of the 8 flagship brands of the Winery.

VIRTUAL REALITY, where you can now enjoy two different experiences, a roller coaster that takes the consumer "for a walk" through the vineyards and ageing building of the winery and a trip to the Arctic thanks to the "IGLUP” wine refreshment, for which in both cases will require virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift or Google VR Cardboard.

AUGMENTED REALITY, where at present there are 3 experiences, a corporate one with the strengths of Grandes Vinos, one on the brand El Circo, where pointing the mobile to any of its bottles, consumer can enjoy a performance of all the artists that make up the range and another on the brand Beso de Vino, which in this case will be the first in a long series, which will lead the star of the brand, Antonio the bull, to travel the world with his wine, and in this first episode serves to see how Antonio fell in love with the vineyard of Cariñena and himself harvesting by hand, elaborating, labelling his own wine and preparing to start the journey in future episodes.

DIGITAL VIDEOS, where the Bodega will upload the different videos it produces and where it is already included, the new corporate video, From Cariñena to the World, a story that reflects the hard work of one of our winemakers and the satisfaction of seeing how our wines are enjoyed later in more than 40 countries.

360 ° PHOTOS: A 360 ° photo gallery from a fixed point in one of our vineyards of the Cariñena variety, Camino del Santo Aguarón, which will be updated to enjoy the evolution of the landscape and the vine, throughout the year that goes between vintage and vintage.

In addition to serving as a commercial tool for the different importers and distributors of Grandes Vinos around the world, the App will serve as a platform for different Contests for consumers, which are already underway in the Augmented Reality Experiences of Beso de Vino and El Circo. In the short term on the App, new contents will be progressively added in the different sections, as well as new sections, always with the main objective of providing value to consumers.

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