Monasterio de las Viñas, official wine in the new Spanish TV Serie “La Embajada”

On april 25th, A3TV released a new serie called “LA EMBAJADA” in prime time. The Fiction serie is starring Belen Rueda, Abel Folk, Carlos Bardem, Raul Arevalo and Amaia Salamanca among other great actors and actresses of the spanish national scene. “The Embassy” is a story about morality and the true price of people. Talks about politics and corruption, temptation and infidelity. It is an emotional thriller that tells the life of the new Ambassador of Spain in Bangkok, Thailand, with his family.

In the new Grandes Vinos plan of communication, whose claim is “Cariñena Ambassadors” seemed to us a unique opportunity to link one of our most prestigious brands, Monasterio de las Viñas, in the field of international diplomacy also strengthening our export character, as an example for our wines that can also be found in Thailand and that is why we decided to become the official wine of the Embassy to accompany the serie in this first season.

This action also extrapolates to social networks where Grandes Vinos was already working with the hashtag #carinenaambassadors and has been a major move to increase our visibility within the national territory.

Chapter 1 had a great welcome, 22.5% share being the most watched program on Monday night with a total of over 4 million viewers.

We are convinced that this action will help us strengthen the brand awareness and positioning of Monasterio de las Viñas as a high quality wine, not only in the Spanish Market but also in others as their Producers are negotiating to export the serie to some other countries.

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