Monasterio de las Viñas launches its first 0.0 non-alcoholic wines

Our leading brand, Monasterio de las Viñas, joins the new trends in the sector and launches 3 new young “wines”, red and rosé from Garnacha and white from Macabeo, without alcohol, but maintaining the aromas and flavors of its elaborate versions as much as possible in a traditional way.

Our winery, recognized in the sector for its innovation and adaptation to changing market trends, modernizes the design of its labels for these three references and highlights 0.0 as a differentiating factor.

According to data from the Strategic Study prepared by Wine Intelligence (IWSR Drinks Market Analysis), sales of wine in the category with low or no alcohol content have already reached 11 billion dollars worldwide and are expected to exceed 24 billion dollars in 2032.

Already in 2011 our winery launched a refreshing Garnacha of 4.8% on the market that later evolved into its 49 millions brand, of only 6.5% and with bubbles in white and rosé and with this new step we enter in the category of non-alcoholic wines. The new Monasterio de las Viñas 0.0 will cover the growing demand of regular wine consumers who at certain times cannot consume alcohol or prefer it in a lower calorie version (one fourth of the standard wines) and a new segment of consumers who do not drink alcohol in general.

Of the several existing dealcoholization techniques, Grandes Vinos has opted for GoLo technology, a novel and patented alcohol removal process with total recovery of the original flavor compounds. GoLo is a continuous, integrated distillation process that is performed under deep vacuum to protect the quality of the wine by not exposing it to high temperatures and integrates three separate distillation processes into a single, continuous, one-time process.

However, the great commitment of Grandes Vinos in this project has been the selection of vineyards, Garnacha for the red and rosé and Macabeo for the white, and the highest quality in the production of the wines, very fresh and aromatic, even knowingly that with the dealcoholization process this raw material would be lost for what could have been other references.

“Our greatest satisfaction has been in the previous tasting process and once the wine was bottled the large number of consumers who were unable to identify that they were drinking dealcoholized wines,” says Pilar Larumbe, head of our Oenology department.

The Monasterio de las Viñas White 0.0 stands out for its mostly floral aromas; The Rosé 0.0 reminds us of red fruits, although it also has a delicate floral touch and the Red 0.0 stands out for its abundant red fruits, characteristic of the Garnacha variety. In all of them the flavors of those made in a traditional way have been maintained, but softer and lighter.

The three wines will soon be enjoyed both in the hospitality channel and in retail stores in the different countries that they will be distributed.


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