Grapetrust Project: harvest control with IOT at our winery

If we start talking about IoT technology (Internet of Things), software architecture in the cloud, tracking, algorithms, real-time information and up to a million managed data, would you really believe we are referring to a vineyard, a winery?

Well, you’d better believe it! This is the Grapetrust project that we started three years ago in collaboration with Itainnova, Technological Institute of Aragon, and the gradual implementation of this project will culminate in the control of the 4,500 hectares that Grandes Vinos will harvest this year.

What is Grapetrust?

Grapetrust is a technology system developed for the control of all the processes related to the harvest and the wine, based on IoT and that covers the route from the vine to the winery collecting thousands of data quickly, reliably and efficiently, which can be interpreted immediately.

With infrastructure in the cloud, through data analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence, all the data received is managed, with up to one million messages being processed during the key time of the harvest.

Why was the Grapetrust project created?

For one thing, can you imagine geolocating all the plots of your winery and recording their production in detail? This work was carried out for years semi-manually and it took a large number of people to perform a complete tracking service.

For another thing, for some time now at Grandes Vinos we have had an important goal of commitment to our customers: to provide them with as much information as possible about the origin of the grapes we use to make our wines.

This goal, this determination, required the appropriate technology to provide full traceability from the vine to the winery, which has been put into practice with this management system.

“With Grapetrust -explains José Antonio Briz, managing director of our winery- we have achieved all this and much more, which is to have a certification of authentication of all the grapes that are harvested in the Grandes Vinos vineyards and comply with the Cariñena PDO regulations, leaving a map of each collection from the vine to the winery, including the time, routes, volume, etc.”.

How is the data collected?

The data is collected using small low-power, battery-powered electronic tracking systems, that are installed on the grape harvesters and trailers.

Once the grape harvesters leave their warehouses for the plots, they collect data as they travel along the rows harvesting the grapes, when the grapes are unloaded onto the trailer and finally when the grapes are taken to the winery for unloading.

This data, as well as providing complete traceability of the grapes used to make our wines, also allows for the comprehensive control of compliance with the conditions of our D.O. not only in terms of the geographical area where the grapes are harvested, but also in terms of the production scheduled per hectare, in order to achieve wines of the highest quality.

As you can see, our winery’s commitment to quality is not just empty words, it is put into practice, in our everyday work.

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