Grandes Vinos strengthens its compromise for Aragon

Grandes Vinos, the leader winery of the renew Cariñena Wine of Appellation, representing the 35% of it, following its compromise with Aragon and the improvement on the quality of the wines that produces, has acquired BODEGAS SIERRA DE GUARA, with the purpose of satisfying the customers, increasing the wine proposal on the more than 40 countries where their brands are already positioned.

Curiously, both companies were founded in 1997 and in the case of Bodegas Sierra de Guara, it has been the illusion and effort of Miguel Mort the reason why Idrias and Evohe, the two main brands, have been positioned as prestigious and well known brands, not only in the Spanish market but also in the international scene.

On the way of its 20th anniversary, Miguel Mort has decided to leave in the hands of Grandes Vinos his project to make it grow and consolidate the winery as a referent for the quality of its wines and its privileged location in the lowest part of Guara’s mountains.

Grandes Vinos has contributed in a clearly way with the rest of the Cariñena’s wineries to position the Cariñena Wine of Appellation on the sweet place where it is now. Conquering the national consumers through successful actions of The Wine of Stones’ campaigns, and also the international consumers through different programs, as the Next Great Grape: Garnacha from Cariñena promotion program running in the U.S.

At the same time of the acquisition, Grandes Vinos has made its first strategic decision registering again the winery on Somontano Wine of Appellation with the purpose of collaborating with the good actions of this entity and consolidate the prestige and the recognition of the quality of its wines. Being this fact, together with the heritage of a well done job and the Organic Wine Certification Stamp obtained recently by the winery, the reasons why Grandes Vinos front faces this new project lively.

The almost 60 vineyards’ hectares are a new challenge for Marcelo Morales, the Oenologist and Technic manager of Grandes Vinos and to his team, who is encouraging this project with illusion and putting all its knowledge on it. Also the Commercial and the Marketing departments will be focusing on increasing the reputation and the sales of the winery’s brands. Idrias and Evohe that will be keep their names.

With this acquisition Grandes Vinos follows another step on its strategic plan where its vision places it as a benchmark winery of the national and international winemaking industry due to its growth and profitability, recognised for its innovation, quality, competitiveness, and service, with its commercial brands constantly growing in national and export markets.

Grandes Vinos considers the dimension as a determinant factor to reach its vision and that is why some years ago it started to collaborate with other wineries from other Wine of Appellations, always from Aragon, convinced of the great possibilities of the Aragonese wines, making that they can be enjoyed, not only by the aragonese population but all over the world.

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