Grandes Vinos Sin Rodeos

Today premieres on the big screen SIN RODEOS”, the latest movie of the actor, producer and film director Santiago Segura, a wonderful comedy, which features Maribel Verdú as protagonist and with Cristina Pedroche in her debut as an actress, at accompanying a magnificent cast also formed by Candela Peña, Diego Martin, Rafael Spregelburd, Barbara Santa Cruz, David Guapo, Toni Acosta, Cristina Castaño, Quique San Francisco, Wyoming and Florentino Fernandez “Flo” among other great actors and actresses.

In Grandes Vinos we continue our commitment to film and television as a vehicle for communication, positioning and promoting our commercial brands, as we did previously in the romantic comedy “Our Lovers” by Miguel Ángel Lamata, in the television series “La Embajada” or in the documentary “Jota de Saura” by the Aragonese director and on this occasion two of our wines Anayón Chardonnay and Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva will also have their starring role in the new film by Santiago Segura.

Introducing wine in scenes of the daily life, in a natural way, fleeing the advertising format and especially in comedies with a tone so friendly and fun, is undoubtedly one of the advertising techniques that work best and that create a special bond between the brand and the spectators, whom in Grandes Vinos we want to become new ambassadors of our wines.

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