Grandes Vinos releases a new fresh drink

Captching new young consumers, from 18 to 30 years old, is one of the hardest challenge to the wine sector. Specially in Spain, where consumption is falling down since 10 years ago, one of the reasons relapses on the young people who is not a wine consumer until their 30's. Grandes Vinos, leader wine cellar of Cariñena wine appelation, has been selling new products and new marketing initiatives focused on this segment and they have launch IGLUP, trying to shake young consumers.

Iglup, the fresh grape gulp

Iglup, the fresh grape gulp, is envolved in the last two consumption lines: low alcohol drinks and natural drinks, just a 4,8% of alcohol, with no preservatives and no dyes, gluten free and low calories. There are two versions of IGLUP, White and Rosé, made in base with Macabeo and Garnacha grapes, high concentration and intensity of fruit which are diluted with carbonated spring water up to the graduation of 4.8%.

Not only the development has focused so enjoyable for young consumers, easy to drink and refreshing thanks to its fine bubbles, but its design, which has been mandated to Moruba Design Studio, one of the most prestigious nationwide and presenting a transparent bottle of 20 cl with closing plate, a format more identified with young consumers and parallel covers a niche in specialty shops, tapas bars, Italian restaurants where the drinks in this category, only presented in 75 cl format, and therefore this version monkey dose to complement its offering to meet the demand of a couple or a single that at certain times not want to consume a bottle of 75 cl, but if they can do now with these Iglup of bottles of 20cl.

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