Grandes Vinos presents hyperexperience of virtual reality

One might think that a traditional sector such as wine and virtual reality, that every day is closer to our lives, have nothing in common.

In Grandes Vinos, leader winery in D.O.P. Cariñena and the largest of Aragón, we do not think so, and thus we presented in the Gourmet Fair in Madrid the hyperexperience of virtual reality where the user is the protagonist in a rollercoaster that takes you through the vineyards and our barrels area, passing by giant bottles of the six main brands (Anayón, Corona de Aragón Monasterio de las Viñas, Beso de Vino, El Circo and HOY), stopping the trip in front of the world, where is taking place next hyperexperience as a metaphor for how from Our vineyards of Cariñena we set out to conquer international markets. A claim which also includes the new corporate image of the winery, Grandes Vinos "Cariñena Ambassadors".

Virtual Reality introduces the user virtual worlds created through cheating of sight and hearing, nullifying and stimulating them voluntarily. The contents created are displayed using headsets or devices for the head based on the stereoscopic effect to create the feeling of immersion.

The Grandes Vinos Hyperexperience has been designed by DeuSens-a young company that focuses on immersive technologies for a radical break with what we understand by communication, to take her to the next level-and in collaboration with No Wand Studios, a young video game studio that due to their technical credentials bet also by the new technologies. With it we get customers live a unique moment.

The two main goals pursued with this Grandes Vinos hyperexperience are:
– Strengthen its position as an innovator for its importers, distributors, surprise and show that you can explore with them any project which have,
– Approach the young consumer segment, with the idea if "they do not come to us, let us get them", enter their world and from there to share the culture of wine. For this second objective is closing circuit by both Spain and wine bars in the various countries where the brands are present, where besides wine tastings, young consumers will also enjoy this hyperexperience Virtual Reality.

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