Grandes Vinos introduces Artificial Intelligence in its new marketing campaign for El Circo

Some striking photos of a Circus Director and 8 of the Circus artists are part of the new marketing and promotion campaign with which Grandes Vinos wants to give another boost to one of its flagship brands: El Circo.

The proposal would not be so surprising if it were not for the fact that the Director of the Circus is Pilar Larumbe, winemaker of the winery and the rest of the “artists”, the General Director, the Marketing Director, the Commercial Director and the rest of the Area Managers of the winery.

In the first part of the project and as a business card, our winery decided to involve the commercial team, turning them, thanks to the use of generative AI and the collaboration of the interactive technology company DeuSens, into the artists of the wine range “El Circo” themselves, creating an algorithm that interprets the original image of the workers and generates new images of them interpreting a circus character, keeping their face and facial features fully recognizable.

The collection of 9 varietals of El Circo is already consolidated in different countries and is constantly growing and we want to give it a new boost by entering new countries. In a sector as competitive as wine, standing out and differentiating yourself from other brands is very complicated,” says our Marketing Director Manuel García.

“Achieving the surprise effect on potential clients, we will invite them to browse the new website, second phase of the project, where they will be welcomed by a personalized virtual avatar that narrates the brand’s storytelling, inspired by the show Of the circus.

From there, it invites them to select between the three magical elements: the earth, the sun and the water, the 9 different varieties of grapes and 5 artistic styles, so that the artificial intelligence generates a unique and spectacular video, based on the circus atmosphere being common to all the spirit of the brand: collection of authentic, vibrant and surprising varietal wines.

At Grandes Vinos we have been developing virtual “hyperexperiences” since 2015 that have led to important innovations for the wine sector. Continuing with this disruptive philosophy, we have now created this project using AI.

We always seek to be at the forefront and this project represents a new innovation in the sector. We are not only offering our customers exceptional wines, but also a memorable experience that breaks the limits of what is traditionally expected from a bottle of wine” , concludes Manuel García.

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