Grandes Vinos in “Todos lo saben”

This past Friday premiered on the Spanish billboard “ Everybody knows” (“Todos lo saben” in Spain)", a 12 million dollar co-production between France, Italy and Spain, which opened the Cannes Film Festival and which is the new film by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, winner of two Oscars in the best foreign-language film category.

An "emotional thriller" shot in Spain, in spanish language originally and whose cast is leaded  by a star trio, the Oscar-winning Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín which is completed with a magnificent cast of national actors and actresses.

The new drama of the Iranian director, revolves around the world of wine and the wines of Grandes Vinos are also protagonist in several scenes, especially highlighting our brands Monasterio de las Viñas and ANAYÓN.

In Grandes Vinos we continue our commitment to films and television as a vehicle for communication, positioning and promotion of our commercial brands, as we did previously in the comedies "Sin Rodeos" by Santiago Segura, "Nuestros Amantes" by Miguel Ángel Lamata, in the television series "La Embajada" or in the documentary "Jota de Saura" by the Aragonese director.

Introducing wine in the daily scenes of life, in a natural way, avoiding the advertising format is undoubtedly one of the advertising techniques that work best and that create a special bond between the brand and the spectators, who from Grandes Vinos we want to become new ambassadors of our wines.

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