Grandes Vinos gets the Eco-Prowine label

The winery is always involved in improving its sustainability, this is not a secret. We are a company who cares about its environment mainly because we live from it. More than one year ago, the Quality Department of Grandes Vinos got involved in Eco-Prowine. It is an European project to develop a web tool to evaluate easily and inexpensively the sustainable level of wine products and wine producers.

105 wineries of all Europe have participated in this initiative being Spain one of the countries that has sent more wineries to the study, 20 companies where just 12 have reached the ECO-PROWINE label. Grandes Vinos is among these 12 Spanish wineries, the only one in Aragon, putting its sustainability level above the threshold established by the own tool. We want to remind that we are applying methods like Sexual Confusion in all its vineyards, a no invasive ultrasound system to manage the watering in fields and also, we are working in clonal selection of Cariñena's grape in Cariñena, betting for local varieties.

In our day a day, we work in reducing the weight of bottles and the boxes' weight of paperboard in collaboration with our suppliers. Besides, we have changed the lights from bottling plant to LED.

To keep the Eco-Prowine label we must have another extern auditory in two years, made it by CIRCE and we must improve our results in a 10% above our results from this year. Since now, our boxes will show this label added:

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