Ambassadors of the Cariñena grape by Grandes Vinos

Cariñena gives name to a grape, something unique in the whole world and for GRANDES VINOS the best way to express the union of our land with wine.

In our winery we have been elaborating Cariñena monovarietals for more than 20 years and these continue to form the spearhead of 4 of our flagship brands.

One of these brands is even a tribute to this variety, 3C, Cariñena varietal, made exclusively from vineyards of the municipality of Cariñena with the seal of the D.O.P. Cariñena.

Another brand is ANAYÓN, whose premium range has been led for years by its Cariñena varietal, which was added in 2016 with another Cariñena varietal, in this case with the particularity of being one of the few wines in Spain grown in terracotta urns and this year for the first time in our history, also within this brand, we have launched two varietals of unique parcels, one of them, Parcel 15, also from Cariñena varietal.

Young wines or with a minor or major aging in barrel, an aging made in different types of barrels or terracotta urns, selected vineyards among the 14 municipalities of the Denomination, exclusively among those of the municipality of Cariñena or limited to the minimum expression of one Parcel, the diversity of styles is one of the great attractions of this variety, of the variety we are most proud of in GRANDES VINOS.

A variety that shows its best expression when it is made from old vineyards as in our case and that in the opinion of Ferrán Centelles, former sommelier of El Bulli and one of the most respected voices in the professional wine sector, is the “rising star” of the world red varieties panorama, a variety that” has stolen my heart “.

One of the axes of the new Strategic Plan of GRANDES VINOS is to promote, communicate, put in value and raise awareness of this variety to consumers in the more than 40 countries where the winery is present and to begin the Action Plan, in some weeks the 1st Campaign “Ambassadors of the CARIÑENA grape by GRANDES VINOS” will be launched.



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