49 Millions, Grandes Vinos’ new bubbly

Grandes Vinos launches a fresh and sparkling beverage concept that represents a desire, a dream… a dream called 49 Millions.

49 Millions is an explosion of aromas and flavors, a refreshing sensation with low alcohol content and a touch of carbon dioxide that creates tiny and fine bubbles.

Designed for young consumers (and the young at heart), 49 Millions is destined to win over the palate of anyone looking for something different and who knows how to get the most out of life by enjoying special moments to the fullest.

49 Millions comes in two varieties with floral and fruity aromas and flavors for a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness:

Macabeo White, which pairs perfectly with light starters and appetizers made with nuts, seafood, oily fish, sushi, as well as all rice dishes and desserts like creams and fruit tarts.

Garnacha Rosé, for light appetizers, foie gras, a quality Spanish ham, pasta, pizzas, soft cheeses, smoked meats, white fish, sushi and all kinds of desserts made with chocolate.

And to make it even more magical, the launch of 49 Millions is paired with a contest on Instagram – the winner will get 3 nights in a 5* hotel in Madrid for 6 people, including a meet and greet with Jorge Blass, Spain’s most internationally renowned illusionist. You can find all the contest details on the 49 Millions website.

The idea that inspired 49 Millions is based on scientific studies that have calculated the number of bubbles in different types of beverages based on a huge range number of variables and calculations; some beverages contain as many as 49 million bubbles.

Our bubbles are contained in 49 Millions, a drink designed to be paired with life’s most special moments, filling consumers’ glasses with excitement and joy.

Moreover, 49 Millions is launched with a strong sense of social responsibility. Through a partnership agreement with the Fundación Down Zaragoza (Zaragoza Down Syndrome Foundation), we will participate with donations that will be earmarked for the foundation’s recreation and free time programs for people with Down syndrome and other intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Learn more about both varieties in our webpage and start living 49 Million sensational moments.

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