With its focus constantly on its clients, GRANDES VINOS sells a range of brands in various segments depending on age, taste, lifestyle, consumption moments, and different price points called for by the market. Due to the enormous variety and diversity of its vineyards, the factor that sets it apart.

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“Grandes Vinos´ collection
is replete with stunning values”
– Robert Parker’s THE WINE ADVOCATE




GRANDES VINOS manages the complete cycle of vineyard production as well as the sales of its wines. To obtain the highest quality, in 2002 they inaugurated new installations which cover over 60 000 m2 and which represent a significant investment of about 12 million euros. The installations include the latest technological advances which are constantly being updated and which include a bottling plant that can handle 12 000 bottles per hour.



The latest investment was for an automated BAG-IN-BOX packaging line with increased capacity and speed and, in particular, with increased quality, increasing wine conservation with oenological guarantees, an aspect which sets their packaging apart from those that are currently offered on the market.

All fermentation tanks are made of stainless steel and the aging room currently holds 13.000 oak barrels, each with a capacity of 225 litres.



Barrica Club

We invite you to enter our CORONA DE ARAGÓN Barrica Club

A Club created with the aim to share experiences between its members and enjoy a personalized label exclusive wine which can not be found in the market.

For further information please send us an email to or in the telephone +34 976 62 12 61, Marketing Department.



Wine Tourism

GRANDES VINOS is an ambassador for its land. It is linked to the Tourist and Convention Office in Zaragoza and works with the Government of the Province of Zaragoza to play a role in promoting tourism in the province.

GRANDES VINOS also has a wide range of activities connected with wine and the culture of wine. They offer wine tourism in their winery; open to wine aficionados, groups, and companies - the latter of which are the ideal target market for the Barrica Club.

Individual and group visits to the winery

The visit includes a guided tour to the winery exposition vineyards, coupage building, bottling and crianza bulidings and the social side. The visit ends with a wine tasting in our shop and a bottle as a gift. Price 6€ per person. Visits are able in English or French.

Optional Services

As well as the visit to the winery, we also offer services aimed at groups, associations and/or companies: lunches in the restaurants of the winery, wine tastings, company technical days, conventions and conferences.

We can also provide itinerary planning and bookings for cultural visits to nearby places of interest.

For booking or further information you can contact us:
Telephone: +34 976 62 12 61
Fax: +34 976 621 253
or through our contact web page.

Where to find us


Asociación Española de Enoturismo   Ruta del Vino del Campo de Cariñena

Our wines

  • Special Selection 2011
  • Old Vine Garnacha 2012
  • Reserva 2009
  • Crianza 2011
  • Garnacha 2014
  • Garnacha Blanca 2015
  • Garnacha/Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
  • Macabeo/Chardonnay 2014
  • Vermouth Corona de Aragón
  • Vermouth Blanco Corona de Aragón
  • Cava Ramiro II Brut Ecológico

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Between the 12th and 18th centuries, the Corona de Aragón (Crown of Aragon) spanned territories from the east of Spain to the south of Greece, quintessential areas steeped in wine-producing prestige and culture, among which Cariñena played a prominent role. All this tradition and know-how is present today in a brand of premium quality wines, in zones at more than 500 metres altitude and with vineyards over 40 years old, combining indigenous varieties with international ones, in homage to one of the greatest Kingdoms in history.


  • Selección 2011
  • Garnacha 2011
  • Moscatel Barrica
  • Chardonnay 2013
  • Cariñena 2012
  • Cariñena Terracota

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ANAYÓN, The Premium collection of the winery symbolises the details in the selection of the vineyards, which are unique due to the soil conditions, climates, altitudes, vine conditions - very well balanced plants that have a low production level and a high concentration- and age of their varieties. Exceptional vintages, limited productions, barrels selection and numbered bottles. Wines that are created with the aim of finding the fullest expression of the Cariñena region.


  • Gran Reserva 2005
  • Reserva 2008
  • Crianza 2010
  • Roble
  • Garnacha/Tempranillo 2014
  • Garnacha 2014
  • Macabeo 2014

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In the 11th century, Cistercian monks built a monastery in a unique area of the Sierra de Aguarón. With the passing of the years and their harvests, their fame spread throughout the world, it is unknown if this was because of their spirituality or because of the quality of the wine they produced.

Today, as a tribute to that famous Monasterio de las Viñas, of which only a few stones remain, using traditional varieties of the zone, mainly indigenous, it is produced one of the Spanish brands with the greatest international presence, with vineyards coming entirely from the Aguarón zone, one of the highest zones with the best quality of the Cariñena Protected Wine Apellation.


  • Garnacha Rosado
  • Macabeo 2015
  • Tempranillo Ecológico
  • Old Vine Garnacha 2014
  • Syrah & Garnacha
  • Beso de Vino Frizzante Macabeo & Chardonnay
  • Beso de Vino Frizzante Rosé

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Antonio the bull kissed this wine and fell in love. Now he travels the world to share it. Beso de Vino, the most international brand of the winery, designed by the Factory of Ideas and Drawings Kukuxumusu©. Beso de Vino represents the creativity, ingenuity, vibrancy and happiness of the Spanish and it has positioned itself as the ideal brand to be enjoyed every day because of the extraordinary quality-price ratio. Old World vineyards but with a New World production style, a lot of fruit, intensity and freshness and a short stay in barrels for the reds. Apart from the permanent range, Antonio likes to customize for different festivities or events throughout the year to launch limited collections, some of them with 3D augmented reality.


  • Forzudo. Crianza
  • Director. Garnacha-Cariñena Special Selection
  • Bailarina. Merlot 2014
  • Contorsionista. Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
  • Arlequín. Syrah 2014
  • Acróbata. Garnacha 2014
  • Equilibrista. Cariñena 2014
  • Payaso. Garnacha Rosado 2014
  • Malabarista. Macabeo 2014
  • Volatinero. Tempranillo 2014
  • Zancudo. Chardonnay 2014
  • Frizzante Blanco
  • Frizzante Rosado

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The El Circo collection of wines was created with the idea of using the different varieties of grape to express the excitement and magic that takes place inside a circus big top marquee. The collection includes 9 varietal wines, each one related to a circus discipline that have been grouped together to create a joint spectacle. The brand is completed with the Director, which is produced from the two flagship local varieties and then spends a short time in barrels to go on and lead the show. The vibrant performances have inspired us to produce our El Circo brand that can transmit the same feelings and emotions to anyone who tries our varietals: young, fun, fresh, fruity and that express the maximum tipicality of each variety.


  • Celebration
  • Chef
  • Love
  • Friends
  • Relax
  • Party

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Spain is internationally recognised as having the attitude to enjoy life like no-one else in the world. Finding moments every day to cheer about makes life worth living. With no complications, no excuses, Hoy could be a Great Day! Don\'t put off until tomorrow what you can enjoy today. This brand focuses on the main moments for enjoying wine, so that each wine is the ideal companion for these moments. Live today, dream today, dance today and celebrate the Here and Now. Capture the moment and celebrate it.


  • Premium Selection Cariñena 2012
  • Cariñena 2014

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Cariñena is the only region in the world that that gives its name to a grape variety, the Cariñena grape, because of its origin. The same name Cariñena was also used to distinguish the Wine Apellation, created in 1932, among the oldest officially recognized regions in Spain.
3C is an unique brand with two wines made from Cariñena in Cariñena within the Cariñena Denomination of Origin.



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The wine-based refreshing gulp of Macabeo White or Garnacha Rosé, with a bubbly touch and just 4.8%. Natural, gluten free, no artificial colours or preservatives. In a 20 cl bottle with crown cap, well chilled its flavor will leave you frozen.

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