ANAYÓN GARNACHA is one of the favorite wines of JANCIS ROBINSON

15/05/2018 18:07

Jancis Robinson is one of the most prestigious wine culture journalists in the world. Her comments are interpreted as rules of total compliance for winemakers and consumers. She is considered an authority in this sector. Nowadays she is a columnist of the prestigious newspaper "The Financial Times” and a Master of Wine (MW)
In the past ALIMENTARIA Fair, inside the program VINORUM THINK, the journalist directed a master tasting on her vision of the wines from Spain. She chose 9 wines in which she included ANAYÓN Special Selection, confirming the increase prestige of the Garnacha variety as well as the ANAYÓN brand, GRANDES VINOS Premium brand of limited production wines.

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First 2018 medals

05/03/2018 10:06

Grandes Vinos, has obtained a wonderful harvest of medals in the two first and most recognized International Wine Contests, Berliner Wein Trophy and Mundus Vini, with a total of 15 medals, 11 gold and 4 silver, which have been distributed among several of our commercial brands that are destined to different segments of consumers based on their tastes, lifestyles, age, moments of consumption and that is one of the strengths of the winery, based on the enormous wealth and diversity of our vineyard .
Among the 15 medals, the ones awarded in the Monasterio de las Viñas brand stand out: 2014 Reserve, Gold Medal in the two Contests; Crianza 2015, Gold in Berliner and Silver in Mundus Vini and Gran reserva 2012 and Garnacha / Tempranillo Joven 2017, both Gold in Mundus Vini.
On the other hand stand out the Gold Medals achieved in the Mundus Vini by the Corona de Aragon Garnacha 2017 Young and the Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha 2016 and the Silver ...

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02/03/2018 13:28

Today premieres on the big screen SIN RODEOS", the latest movie of the actor, producer and film director Santiago Segura, a wonderful comedy, which features Maribel Verdú as protagonist and with Cristina Pedroche in her debut as an actress, at accompanying a magnificent cast also formed by Candela Peña, Diego Martin, Rafael Spregelburd, Barbara Santa Cruz, David Guapo, Toni Acosta, Cristina Castaño, Quique San Francisco, Wyoming and Florentino Fernandez "Flo" among other great actors and actresses.
In GRANDES VINOS we continue our commitment to film and television as a vehicle for communication, positioning and promoting our commercial brands, as we did previously in the romantic comedy "Our Lovers" by Miguel Ángel Lamata, in the television series "La Embajada" or in the documentary "Jota de Saura" by the Aragonese director and on this occasion two of our wines Anayón Chardonnay and Monasterio de las ...

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ANAYÓN among the best SPANISH WINES in Guía Vinos Gourmets. 95 points

20/11/2017 13:28- Grandes Vinos

Our brand ANAYÓN and its two Cariñena references have been highlighted in the new GUÍA VINOS GOURMETS 2018 with 95 points and among the best Spanish Wines.
Both wines were the best qualified among the ones of the Cariñena Wine of Appellation and the qualifications reinforce the bet of Grandes Vinos on the Cariñena variety, the only one in the world that takes its name of its place of origin.
Both wines are limited production, Cariñena 100% varietal and their main difference is the ageing place, one makes it on oak barrels and the other one in earthnware urns. 
The Guía de Vinos Gourmets is the most important Guide in Spain and 4.160 wines were blind tasted.

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New Gold in Berliner Wein Trophy

22/08/2017 18:01- Grandes Vinos

In the prestigious second edition of Berliner Wein Trophy 2017 celebrated recently in Berlin, two of our wines have obtained deserved gold medals: El Circo Tempranillo 2016 and Monasterio de las Viñas 2012. Two brands with a very important international presence in European markets and in the Canadian market where these recognitions will reinforce even more our wines. 

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Gold for our White Garnacha and a Silver medal for 3C

16/06/2017 17:53- Grandes Vinos

Once again our young wines go to exam and get an A qualification in the Baco Awards 2017. This year, the White Garnacha of CORONA DE ARAGÓN has got a Gold Medal and 3C 2016, the newest brand in honor to Cariñena, won a Silver medal. 
These awards increase the recognizement of GRANDES VINOS in the national and international markets. 


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Four Silver and three Bronze Medals at IWSC

15/06/2017 15:32- Grandes Vinos

Now in its 48th year, the International Wine & Spirit Competition remains as relevant today as it did when wine chemist Anton Massel founded ‘Club Oenologique’ in 1969. Massel had the idea of creating a wine and spirit competition which was based not just on organoleptic judgement but where all entries also had to undergo chemical analysis.
The original aim of the Competition was to award excellence to wines and spirits worldwide and this aim remains the same today, encouraging recognition for quality products.
This year, GRANDES VINOS has got four Silver and three Bronze Medals that reflects the quality of our wines not only in mouths even in quimics. Silver Medals have gone to 3C Premium 2014, Corona de Aragón Reserva 2012, Corona de Aragón Garnacha Blanca 2016 and Anayón Cariñena 2013.

The Bronze medals have gone to 3C 2016, Corona de Aragón Old Vine Garnacha 2014 and El Circo Cariñena 2016. The reflexion is ...

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06/05/2017 17:53- Grandes Vinos

From the 2nd of february to the 8th MARIA PCHELINA and DMITRII from Murmansk in Russia have enjoyed the PRIZE of the Trip to Spain visiting Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. Unfortunately due to snow and traffic restrictions they could not visit the winery in Cariñena in the day arranged and we had to enjoy an alternative lunch in Zaragoza ( in the picture with our Marketing Manager ). THEY HAVE HAD A MARVELLOUS TIME IN SPAIN. THANK YOY AGAIN ALL FOR PARTICIPATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EL CIRCO has launched an AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE with all their Artists for further enjoyment of the brand.  Besides the experience we have created a CONTEST to WIN A TRIP TO SPAIN FOR TWO.
Download the new free GRANDES VINOS App  and check details and terms and conditions here. Any doubt please let us know.

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BESO DE VINO contest 1 trip to Spain

05/05/2017 19:00- Grandes Vinos

RICHARD BEVIS @dickiebee on twitter has been selected the winner of the contest and he will be travelling to Spain at the end of march. As soon as we are with him and his guest at Cariñena we will post some pictures. THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING.
Using the new free GRANDES VINOS App BESO DE VINO will be launching during 2017 three different AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCES for further enjoyment of the brand. In each one we have created a CONTEST to WIN A TRIP TO SPAIN FOR TWO. Please check details and terms and conditions here. Any doubt please let us know.

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A different way to enjoy wine


05/05/2017 18:48- Grandes Vinos

Our latest release this time has not been any wine, but the new "GRANDES VINOS" App that is already available, free of charge, on the GOOGLE Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. That mobile and app world will become, if not already, the center of marketing is already considered as the number 1 trend that will lead the future of this area, by different specialized magazines, including FORBES (Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing), where companies, large and small, should be able to generate applications that bring value to the consumer and with who they are able to create Communities in the medium and long term.

Within this trend, three "experiences" in full growth are identified by different experts and offer unique opportunities to connect with consumers: virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 ° videos and photos. In GRANDES VINOS we already launched our first experiences of Augmented Reality in 2014 and Virtual Reality in ...

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