06/05/2017 17:53- Grandes Vinos

EL CIRCO has launched an AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE with all their Artists for further enjoyment of the brand.  Besides the experience we have created a CONTEST to WIN A TRIP TO SPAIN FOR TWO.
Download the new free GRANDES VINOS App  and check details and terms and conditions here. Any doubt please let us know.


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BESO DE VINO contest 1 trip to Spain

05/05/2017 19:00- Grandes Vinos

Using the new free GRANDES VINOS App BESO DE VINO will be launching during 2017 three different AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCES for further enjoyment of the brand. In each one we have created a CONTEST to WIN A TRIP TO SPAIN FOR TWO. Please check details and terms and conditions here. Any doubt please let us know.

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A different way to enjoy wine


05/05/2017 18:48- Grandes Vinos

Our latest release this time has not been any wine, but the new "GRANDES VINOS" App that is already available, free of charge, on the GOOGLE Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. That mobile and app world will become, if not already, the center of marketing is already considered as the number 1 trend that will lead the future of this area, by different specialized magazines, including FORBES (Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing), where companies, large and small, should be able to generate applications that bring value to the consumer and with who they are able to create Communities in the medium and long term.

Within this trend, three "experiences" in full growth are identified by different experts and offer unique opportunities to connect with consumers: virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 ° videos and photos. In GRANDES VINOS we already launched our first experiences of Augmented Reality in 2014 and Virtual Reality in ...

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One Gold and three Silver Medals in Bacchus 2017

16/03/2017 10:12- Grandes Vinos

Bacchus is the only international wine competition in Spain which currently belongs to VINOFED, the federation for the world's most prestigious competitions. In the 2017's Edition, four of our wines have obtained good results on it. Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva 2012 won a Gold Bacchus and Anayón Cariñena, Anayón Garnacha and Corona de Aragón Crianza 2013 won three Silver Bacchus. 
We don't hesitate that these new awards will help our wines to conquer new consumers all around de world. 


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A new year of awards and recognitions

07/03/2017 12:02- Grandes Vinos

GRANDES VINOS welcomes 2017 with new medals won in Grenaches du Monde International Contest celebrated in Italy. Corona de Aragón Special Selection 2014, not yet in sale, won a Gold Medal and the new Corona de Aragón Garnacha 2016 gained a Silver Medal. 

Monasterio de las Viñas Crianza 2013 won the Gold Medal in Berliner Wein Trophy and Beso de Vino Syrah & Garnacha 2015 got a Silver Medal. 

In Mundus Vini, celebrated in Germany in these first months of the year, Beso de Vino Syrah & Garnacha 2015 has won a Gold Medal. At the same time, Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha 2015, Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva 2012 and several wines from Corona de Aragón range like Garnacha 2016, Special Selection 2014, Reserva 2012 and White Garnacha 2016 have won Silver Medals. 


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ANAYON SELECCION and ANAYON MOSCATEL, best valuation in the Cariñena Wine Apellation in Gourmets Guide 2017

16/11/2016 12:42- Grandes Vinos

The gastronomic press group, Gourmets Group, pioneer in Spain, offers the possibility of going deep inside the amazing wine world (wineries, gourmet shops, wine apellations, etc...) through the Gourmet Guide 2017. The oldest publication specific for the wine sector. 
ANAYON SELECCION 2012 has been the best valued wine from the Cariñena wine apellation with 91 points and 90 for ANAYON MOSCATEL, face to face with another wine from Cariñena. Both wines are in the honor roll of the Spanish wines because of its good quality and price relation.   

These good valuations join the medals and prizes got during this year and we have no doubt that this will be reflected on ANAYON sales.

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GRANDES VINOS strengthens its compromise for Aragon

04/11/2016 16:01- Grandes Vinos

GRANDES VINOS, the leader winery of the renew Cariñena Wine of Appellation, representing the 35% of it, following its compromise with Aragon and the improvement on the quality of the wines that produces, has acquired BODEGAS SIERRA DE GUARA, with the purpose of satisfying the customers, increasing the wine proposal on the more than 40 countries where their brands are already positioned.

Curiously, both companies were founded in 1997 and in the case of Bodegas Sierra de Guara, it has been the illusion and effort of Miguel Mort the reason why Idrias and Evohe, the two main brands, have been positioned as prestigious and well known brands, not only in the Spanish market but  also in the international scene.
On the way of its 20th anniversary, Miguel Mort has decided to leave in the hands of GRANDES VINOS his project to make it grow and consolidate the winery as a referent for the quality of its wines and its privileged location in the lowest part of Guara's ...

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New awards and acknowledgments

02/11/2016 16:30- Grandes Vinos

GRANDES VINOS welcomed the summer with a new harvest of awards to our wines, which included a Golden BACO to El Circo Syrah 2015. In this same Competition, El Circo Cariñena 2015 was raised with the silver medal. The awards are given by fifty jurors of the Spanish Union of Wine Tasters who evaluate in a strict blind tasting the totality of the wines participant.

On the other hand, in the International Wine & Spirit Competition held in the UK several of our brands have been awarded. Once again, El Circo Garnacha 2015 and El Circo Cariñena 2015 were awarded winners of silver and bronze medals respectively. Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva 2008 and 3C Premium Selection 2014 also received the silver medal. In addition, Corona de Aragón Garnacha 2015 and 3C Cariñena 2015 obtained the bronze medal.

From Canada we also received excellent news, in this case for our Monasterio de las Viñas Reserva 2008 and Gran Reserva ...

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CORONA DE ARAGÓN official wine and Special Edition 'La Jota'

27/09/2016 17:12- Grandes Vinos

The tribute to the Jota that has been waiting so long has already have a date and name, JOTA de Saura, to be premiered on October 3rd in Zaragoza, and in which the Aragonese Director Carlos Saura will present his latest work in which he aims to leave visual and sound memory of one of the landmarks of Aragón land and in the course of which will be accompanied by great figures of our country and international, such as violinist Ara Malikian, classical Spanish guitarist Cañizares, dancer Sara Baras, composer Giovanni Solima or the piper Carlos Nuñez. In addition to the music of Alberto Artigas and the choreographies of Miguel Ángel Berna throughout the film.
GRANDES VINOS, leader winery of the Denomination of Origin Cariñena, has been betting from its beginnings by the culture as a vehicle to promote its wines, through its brand CORONA DE ARAGÓN and the cinema in particular has been the cultural expression where it has centered its ...

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