ANAYÓN, new Parcel wines: PARCELA 15 and PARCELA 81

17/01/2019 15:42

Marcelo Morales, Grandes Vinos winemaker, and Joey Tensley, recognised as the “leading winemaker of the California region of Santa Bárbara” by the prestigious magazine Wine Spectator, have come together for the project of our winery to select two extraordinary parcels of the Cariñena PDO, from the incredible diversity of our vineyards.
Each parcel was harvested  when the grapes were perfectly ripe, with maximum care, in the purest traditional style, carefully placing the grapes in boxes to ensure they arrived at the winery in perfect condition.
There was also an extraordinary vinification of each parcel, in open oak barrels and hand-pumped to maximise the essence of the terroir where the fruit was produced.
The process culminated with a stage in a French oak barrel for three months and two new wines: ANAYÓN PARCELA 15 and ANAYÓN PARCELA 81.
Click here to discover the location of the Parcels and all details of the two new ...

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How to keep a wine open bottle

08/01/2019 17:24

1º Close the bottle with its cork. It must be ensured that the contact of the wine with the air is as minimal as possible.
2º Keep the bottle in the fridge.
3º The bottle is placed in a stand position, in this way the surface of wine that is in contact with the air is much smaller.
4th Once the bottle is empty, we will separate the bottle from the cork and recycle:
      - Wine glass bottles in the green containers
      - Natural cork in the organic waste container.
      - Silicone or plastic cap into the plastic box.

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GRANDES VINOS obtain the Social Responsibility of Aragon 2019 Seal

19/12/2018 9:14

Grandes Vinos has just obtained the Social Responsibility of Aragon 2019 Seal, a distinction awarded by the Government of Aragón that recognizes Corporate Social Responsibility and socially responsible practices. Our winery has bet from its beginnings for a responsible and sustainable economic growth over time, which benefits not only the more than 700 families of wine growers who are part of it, but also the rest of the groups of interest, the region of Cariñena to which our vineyards belong and by extension to the rest of Aragon.
This stamp is based on several concepts: SENSITIZATION, TRAINING, COMMITMENT AND TRANSPARENCY and will allow the winery to produce an annual sustainability report that reflects the corporate strategy set with our stakeholders, as well as framed in the objectives of Sustainable Development which identify the great challenges that humanity faces and that will mark the global agenda of the next century, among which are hunger, poverty, ...

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ANAYON, best valuation in the Cariñena Wine Apellation in Gourmets Guide 2019

27/11/2018 11:26

ANAYÓN Cariñena Terracota 2014 has been highlighted in the new Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2019 with 95 points and among the best Spanish Wines.
The wine was the best qualified among the ones of the Cariñena Wine of Appellation and the qualifications reinforce the bet of Grandes Vinos on the Cariñena variety, the only one in the world that takes its name of its place of origin.
ANAYÓN Cariñena Terracota 2014 is a limited production wine that has aged during 12 months in 150L earthnware urns. 
The Guía de Vinos Gourmets is the most important Guide in Spain with over 4.600 wines blind tasted. ANAYÓN Selección 2014 was also highlighted in the Guide.

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Grandes Vinos in "MIAU"

22/10/2018 9:30

This past Friday premiered on the Spanish billboard “ MIAU” , the new film by Ignacio Estaregui, a movie with touches of realism, tendernessand a pich of madness, shot mainly in Zaragoza.
Led by José Luis Gil, Luisa Gavasa, Manuel Manquiña and Álvaro de Luna, this film tells us the story of four pensioners who draw up a plan to feel alive; They are going to steal boredom and life. GRANDES VINOS are also protagonist in several scenes, especially highlighting our brands MONASTERIO DE LAS VIÑAS and EL CIRCO. We continue our commitment to films and television as a vehicle for communication, positioning and promotion of our commercial brands, as we did previously in the thriller “Todos los Saben”  in the comedies "Sin Rodeos" by Santiago Segura, "Nuestros Amantes" by Miguel Ángel Lamata, in the television series "La Embajada" or in the documentary "Jota de Saura" by the Aragonese ...

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Grandes Vinos in "Todos lo saben"

12/09/2018 15:15

This past Friday premiered on the Spanish billboard “ Everybody knows” (“Todos lo saben” in Spain)", a 12 million dollar co-production between France, Italy and Spain, which opened the Cannes Film Festival and which is the new film by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, winner of two Oscars in the best foreign-language film category.
An "emotional thriller" shot in Spain, in spanish language originally and whose cast is leaded  by a star trio, the Oscar-winning Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín which is completed with a magnificent cast of national actors and actresses.
The new drama of the Iranian director, revolves around the world of wine and the wines of GRANDES VINOS are also protagonist in several scenes, especially highlighting our brands MONASTERIO DE LAS VIÑAS and ANAYÓN.
In GRANDES VINOS we continue our commitment to films and television as a vehicle for communication, positioning ...

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Four Gold and one Silver Medals at Berliner Wein Trophy 2018

17/08/2018 10:10

Fantastic news the ones we have received from the 22nd edition of Berliner Wein Trophy 2018, one of the most prestigious International Wine Contests. A total of 190 experts tasted and scored more than 6.000 wines from all around the world and 4 of our wines have received the Gold Medal: Corona de Aragon Special Selection, Monasterio de las Viñas Gran Reserva, 3C Premium and Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha and another one received a Silver Medal: Monasterio de las Viñas Old vine garnacha.
These awards will increase their sales and the recognizement of GRANDES VINOS’ quality wines in the national and international markets. #CariñenaAmbassadors. 

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Monasterio de las Viñas Old Vine Garnacha and Monasterio de las Viñas Old Vine Cariñena

01/06/2018 10:34

We present two new wines from Monasterio de las Viñas: Old vine Garnacha and old vine Cariñena.
Our oenologist Marcelo Morales has shared his passion for wine with Joey Tensley, named the “Santa Barbara winemaking star” by Wine Spectator.
Together they have captured the unique character of the Garnacha in the Monasterio de las Viñas old vine Garnacha and the unique character of the Cariñena in the Monasterio de las Viñas old vine Cariñena, birthplace of the variety, by selecting small parcels of 40+ year-old vines from the many diverse terroirs in Grandes Vinos portfolio in vineyards.
Handpicked harvested and aged during 4 months in French Oak Barrels which translate into two unique wines.

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ANAYÓN GARNACHA is one of the favorite wines of JANCIS ROBINSON

15/05/2018 18:07

Jancis Robinson is one of the most prestigious wine culture journalists in the world. Her comments are interpreted as rules of total compliance for winemakers and consumers. She is considered an authority in this sector. Nowadays she is a columnist of the prestigious newspaper "The Financial Times” and a Master of Wine (MW)
In the past ALIMENTARIA Fair, inside the program VINORUM THINK, the journalist directed a master tasting on her vision of the wines from Spain. She chose 9 wines in which she included ANAYÓN Special Selection, confirming the increase prestige of the Garnacha variety as well as the ANAYÓN brand, GRANDES VINOS Premium brand of limited production wines.

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First 2018 medals

05/03/2018 10:06

Grandes Vinos, has obtained a wonderful harvest of medals in the two first and most recognized International Wine Contests, Berliner Wein Trophy and Mundus Vini, with a total of 15 medals, 11 gold and 4 silver, which have been distributed among several of our commercial brands that are destined to different segments of consumers based on their tastes, lifestyles, age, moments of consumption and that is one of the strengths of the winery, based on the enormous wealth and diversity of our vineyard .
Among the 15 medals, the ones awarded in the Monasterio de las Viñas brand stand out: 2014 Reserve, Gold Medal in the two Contests; Crianza 2015, Gold in Berliner and Silver in Mundus Vini and Gran reserva 2012 and Garnacha / Tempranillo Joven 2017, both Gold in Mundus Vini.
On the other hand stand out the Gold Medals achieved in the Mundus Vini by the Corona de Aragon Garnacha 2017 Young and the Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha 2016 and the Silver ...

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